Firearms Services

FFL Dealer Transfers

Incoming Transfers:

Cost: $40 for one gun, and $25 for each additional firearm transferred at the same time. After 60 days, a $5 per gun/per month storage fee applies. After 6 months, unclaimed property will be deemed abandoned and surrendered to Defensive Resources.

All incoming transfers must pass applicable background checks and if applicable have a valid permit to purchase or permit to carry. 

If the person that requested the transfer cannot pass the required background check or cannot produce applicable required permits, the $40 transfer fee and necessary shipping costs are due before transferring back to the original FFL. Please Note: Not all transferring FFL’s allow returns, please follow transferring FFL return policy. If no return policy exists, firearm(s) will be forfeited and become property of Defensive Resources LLC.

All incoming transfers MUST attach a copy of the FFL License from the Original FFL.

Outgoing Transfers:

Cost: $60 per handgun, and $80 per long gun, includes shipping, insurance, and transfer fee. Larger than normal guns may incur additional shipping fees.

Gunsmithing and Firearms Cleaning

Shop Rates:
Hourly rate: $80, minimum shop charge of $40
Estimates: $40 (applies towards final bill)
Final bills are calculated with shop time plus the cost of parts

Examples of work: Scopes/optic install, AR parts change, Drop in triggers and more.

Detailed Cleaning:
Thorough Cleaning (Full Disassembly)
Inspect to ensure good working condition
Oil as need
Starting at: $60

Other Firearms Services

If you are looking for other firearm services, please contact us.

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