Firearms Training

Defensive Resources Training Solutions

As Owner and Lead Instructor at Defensive Resources Training Solutions, I, James Maloney will help you become familiar and proficient with firearms. I offer a variety of training classes, if you are looking for something specific, do not hesitate to contact me.

Private Sessions

Whether you want a crash course on firearms or want to increase your current knowledge, Defensive Resources Training Solutions offers private sessions. These private sessions that Defensive Resources Training Solutions are meant for those who may feel intimidated by a large group or just may not feel comfortable learning with others. As it is a private session, the cost is higher than usual small group and larger class pricing.

Contact me for more info.

Small Group

If a full class is not something you are interested in or if you have a group of people that is interested in learning more about pistols, Contact me for more info. A small group class is ideal for couples, a group of friends or family members that want to learn something new together. Small group classes offered by Defensive Resources Training Solutions are similar to private sessions, as in they offer more one-on-onetime with the instructor than larger classes.

Larger Classes

From time to time, I will offer classes on various topics. For more information, Contact me

Online Class

Current online courses available include, the classroom portion of the Multi State Conceal Carry Course for $150 and the prerequisite Handgun Basics Course must be taken as well which is free. Also note, in order to be eligible for the Conceal Carry Course Completion Certificate, which is required for your permit application, an additional in-person range portion must be completed within 90 days, which is included with the Conceal Carry course cost.

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